Program Overview

CBC offers a comprehensive survey of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in two years, along with practical ministry courses designed to equip you to become a disciple who makes disciples in every aspect of life. The Associates in Christian Ministry at CBC offers students a sure, unchangeable, always-relevant foundation to build from, no matter what direction life may lead.

Graduates receive an Associates Degree in Christian Ministry. In fulfillment of our mission statement, over 75% of CBC graduates have gone on to serve in full or part-time ministry or have continued their education at other colleges. 

Graduates are also able to pursue further biblical education with a wide range of accredited schools. Our registrar will help you identify which option may be best for you.

For a complete overview of the college, its courses and policies, please download our school catalogue. 



The rising cost of higher education is a significant factor in the choice of a college today. We have intentionally kept the cost of an education at CBC low, so students graduate with no student-loan debt and can immediately begin pursuing God's call on their life in ministry, family, business or further study.

Tuition is $100 per credit hour. The total cost of the two-year program, including tuition, fees, and textbooks, is roughly $6700. Scholarships are available.

There are a number of discounts for licensed ministers, spouses of students, and those auditing classes. Connect with our registrar, Angie Wiggins to explore these options.

Price per Credit Hour


We're proud to partner with the Canby Foursquare Interns program to offer a world-class ministry training experience.  As part of the internship program, you'll take a full load of courses at CBC, in addition to intensive personal discipleship and more than 3,000 hours of hands-on ministry experience over the course of one or two years.  

Connect with the Canby Foursquare Interns program at their website, on Facebook or contact the Director, Annette Swor.