Canby Foursquare Interns

We're proud to partner with the Canby Foursquare Interns program to offer a world-class ministry training experience.  As part of the internship program, you'll take a full load of courses at CBC, in addition to intensive personal discipleship and more than 3,000 hours of hands-on ministry experience over the course of one or two years.  

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Our strategy

We invest in students holistically by focusing on three pools of learning: Thinking (Curricular Learning), Being  (Personal Discipleship), and Doing (Hands-On Training).

Our Mission

We exist to build up generations of young leaders who have a strong foundation in Christ, and choose to follow Him the rest of their life.


Emerging leader network

Canby Foursquare Interns are part of a larger network of Foursquare discipleship schools through the nation called the Emerging Leader Network (ELN), empowering students to learn and grow in their faith.




Engaging as a full-time student at CBC is an important part of the internship. Students grow in deep ways as they are equipped to understand God’s Word and who they are in Christ.




We all in some areas struggle to find our identity solely in whose we are. Whether past hurts, current circumstances, or fear of what the future will bring, we all need transformation to start at the heart. Students are mentored by trusted leaders and pastors through out the year.




The best way to learn how to do and be in ministry is by doing and being in ministry. You can't grow as a leader just by talking about it. A large portion of the internship is learning how to live a life of servanthood by serving in the church and community.


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