Global Engagement


What: An exploration of various obstacles and challenges that faces future ministry in an ever increasingly multi-cultural and interdependent world

Why: Applying the study of intercultural communications will help us to better communicate the gospel to the nations

When: Online

How Much: $200

Who: Seth Halligan



What: exploring the framework for making sense of the world from a distinctly Christian perspective

Why: because an examined, rational faith stands the tests of time and culture

When: Fridays, 10 am to 12 pm

How Much: $200

Who: Ben Clifton, apologist, entrepreneur, and nicest guy on the West Coast



What: a verse-by-verse study of one of the most significant works in all human history

Why: because understanding the Gospel prepares you to define your identity in Christ and your work in the world.

When: Wednesdays 8am to 11am

How Much: $300

Who: James Walton, Pastor, Husband to 1 amazingly talented wife and Father to 3 amazingly loud boys

Conflict Resolution


What: a biblical approach to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to conflict in the church and in the lives of Christians with the aim of leveraging conflict to help us be and make disciples of Jesus Christ

Why: get equipped with a knowledge base and skill set to process conflict

When: Fridays 8 am to 10 am

How Much: $200

Who: Doug Marshall