Olivia Wrede

Class of 2017

"CBC was a safe space for me to be able to be myself, ask the difficult questions, and it was a place where I could go and feel like I was heard. The professors are knowledgeable but humble;  If they did not know the answers to my questions they would offer to work together to find the answer. It made me feel like I was important and that I could get a real and honest answer."



Hudson Mickel

Class of 2019

"The quality of education at CBC for the small price we are paying compared to other Bible colleges is  not parallel. The professors are also really intentional about how I am doing as a student; they are willing to come alongside me, encourage me, and they have my best interest in mind. They show the love of Jesus in the moments that are really rough, and it makes me want to be there for others because of the impact they've had on my life."


Kourtney amstutz

Class of 2019

"The classes at CBC are not afraid to ask the hard questions. This opened my eyes to the world that I am serving. Their authenticity gives me the confidence to go out and do what we learn in the classroom."


Joy strube

Class of 2015

"My time at CBC was a pivotal experience in my faith that taught me how to truly live as a leader. The professors invested in me and didn't care just about the work that I was doing but who I was becoming. They walked alongside me in my journey of exploration and growth. This helped me realize my leadership potential and that I had something to offer."


Jake Falleur

Class of 2019

"Small class sizes at CBC add to the experience because there's a more personal relationship between the students and the professors. I liked this because I was able to ask more specific questions and get answers to finer details of the material that we were learning. It made the people that we were reading about in the Bible feel more real."